During my short few years of having a cattery, I have had to deal with several parasites, worms, fungus, and had bloodwork done all on my cats and kittens to be sure to have the cleanest cattery possible. All the things mentioned below are treatable and not life threatening. Kitty Health is something you should discussed with any breeder before you bring your new baby home. I decided to just post it on my site for all to see.

Tritrichomonas Foetus is a new parasite that I just had to deal with in 2006. It’s only symptom is cow-pie, soft serve stool, or mucusy diarrhea. It was misdiagnosed for over a year as giardia because the two parasites are so similar. But the drugs for giardia were not helping. Once I got the true and correct diagnoses, I had my entire cattery of breeders and kittens tested and found it to be quite overwhelming. About 70% of my breeders were TF positive. Every cat and kitten was treated with Ronidazole and two weeks after treatment, everyone was re-tested and ALL were TF negative. The Ronidazole works. I plan to retest every few months to be absolutely sure it does not come back. If you have a cat or kitten that suffers from chronic diarrhea and no treatment has worked, consider learning more about TF. I have found that there are tooooo many vets that are not experienced with this parasite; therefore, they are misdiagnosing many cats. I posted a very long story about how I found TF in my cattery on December 15, 2006. Within a two month time period, I had received over 25 phone calls or emails from pet owners across the country whose kittens had the same problem and were being misdiagnosed as giardia, irritable bowel syndrome and so on. I am so grateful that my vet was open-minded and willing to look at the research I brought her to positively diagnose and treat my kitties. I am happy to report that we have been TF FREE for over a year now and don't expect that to ever return. For more information on TF go to http://www.cvm.ncu.edu/mbs/gookin_jody.html

Coccidia is a parasite that seems to be common in Bengals. I have had one or two girls that had soft stool or diarrhea and were diagnosed with this parasite. It is commonly treated with Albon .

Giarida is another parasite that I have seen in a Savannah that I purchased as a breeder. The day she got here, she had running stool. My vet diagnosed her via direct fecal sample as having giardia. Seven days of metronidazole and she was all better and it never returned.

Spirometra is a form of tape worm that an animal can get from eating lizards, frogs or flys. Symptoms would be soft stool or diarrhea and vomiting. It is easily treated by your vet with a shot of Droncit.

All kittens that are adopted from Sunset Exotics are tested for TF, direct fecals are done to check for any parasite or worm. They are dewormed and are vaccinated for Calicivirus, Panleukepenia, Rhino, Leukemia, and Clamydia.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to email me at Karen@sunsetexotic.com

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