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The Savannah cat is one of the newest breeds developed. It is a result of breeding a domestic shorthair to an African Serval, which is a species of cat found in the Savannah region of Africa. The disposition of Savannahs is as I call it ?Like having a puppy in a gorgeous kitty suit?.

They are curious, playful, love water and heights. What amazes me is how they bond to their humans. I have a Savannah that loves to play fetch and brings the toy back to me just like a puppy. Note that the first four generations of male Savannahs are sterile.

Savannah Queen:  RAYNA
Introducing Rayna who is an F3 from Roxy and Salino. Roxy(F2) is full littermate sister to Darma and both girls are from our Alexa(F1) and Rafiki. I just love Rayna's dark exotic look. She is one of the darkest babies i have seen from this line in a while. She is only five months old in this pic, so she has time to grow and hopefully will be a great future mom.
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RAYNA's Picture Gallery

Savannah Queen:  DARMA
introducing Darma who is an F2 Savannah from Alexa and Rafiki. this is the first time that i have finally kept an Alexa daughter. She is a very special girl that touched my heart in an undescribable way. I knew the minute I saw her be born, that she was meant for me and she had to stay here. I plan to update her gallery regularly for all to see her grow up to be an absolute beauty.
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DARMA's Picture Gallery

Savannah Queen:  VANESSA
Vanessa is and F3 Savannah that was born here at Sunset Exotics. She is daughter to Escalade and Venus. Both parents are now retired. Vanessa has the most beautiful golden coat and looks so much like her mom. She has had her first litter and proven to be a wonderful additon to our Savannah breeding program. She was my birthday baby and has been an absolute sweetheart and wonderfully perfect mommy.
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VANESSA's Picture Gallery

Savannah Queen:  FANTASIA
Fantasia is an F2 from Jewels of the Nile. She has had qutie a few litters and they have all been absolutely georgous and very very sweet. We actually kept a girl from Fantasia and named her Baby Doll. She got her name for a reason. Scroll down and see pics of Baby Doll and her first baby.
FANTASIA's Picture Gallery

Savannah Queen:  ALEXA
Alexa is an F1 and came from Desert Spirit. She has had quite a few litters for us and is the most incredibe mommy. She has the most georgous golden coat and produces both golden babies and also some dark exotic looking babies with black noses. They are by far, my favorites.
ALEXA's Picture Gallery

Savannah Queen:  BABY DOLL
Baby Doll is an F3 Savannah born here at Sunset Exotics. Her parents are Fantasia and Rafiki. She has always been the most absolute sweetest thing on earth. She is extremely bonded to me and her favorite thing to do is sit on my shoulder. It was really cute when she was a baby, but she is a big girl now and still perfers to be hanging over my shoulder, than sitting on my lap. She has had several litters now amd they all get mommy's personality. Baby Doll will never leave us. She may retire one day, but she will always be my Baby Doll. UPDATE: My Baby Doll passed on 5-18-12 from closed pyo. Maybe had i been here i would have known, but i was away for a week to bury my father who passed on Mothers Day 5-13-12. I am sure he was there at heaven's gate to meet her.
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BABY DOLL's Picture Gallery

Savannah Queen:  KEA
Kea is an F1 that is the biggest girl I have seen. She is 14 1/2 pounds, she has a georgous cool color and an all black nose. Kea just had her first litter for us on 2/19/08. What a great mommy. Kea came from Kim Hoffman of SavannahCatLand and Kim's daughter, Samantha Rockwell, took that georgous picture of Kea amoung the roses and enter it in a contest and won. Good job Samantha and thanks to Kim for allowing me to adopt such an angel.
KEA's Picture Gallery

Savannah King:  GREGORY
Introduing Greggy who is a fertile F5 Savannah male. He is doing a great job and just loves his girls.
GREGORY's Picture Gallery

Savannah Queen:  ANYA
Introducing Anya who is an F2 from Alexa and Mojo and full littermate sister to Zenya. She is a over the top sweet girl and is the only white savannah we have other than her dad. She really won me over with her personality, so she will be staying and be one of our future queens. Main pic taken at only 8 months old and this girl will be huge. She is already longer and a bit taller than her littermate sister Zenya.
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ANYA's Picture Gallery

Savannah Queen:  LAYLA
Introducing Layla. She is an F2 and is daughter to Alexa and Blaze. She is absolutely stunning and super sweet. She looks just like her mom.
LAYLA's Picture Gallery

Savannah King:  DOUGLAS
Introducing Douglas who is an F5 Savannah male and hopefully will a great addition to our program. He is so so so sweet. He is 8 months old in these pics and is already a big boy and comes from some big lines. Douglas comes from Dierda(F4) and Salino(F6). Dierdra comes from my beloved BabyDoll(F3) and Gregory(F5). BabyDoll comes from Fantasia(F2) and Rafiki. So all of Douglas's heritage are some of the biggest cats i have ever had. I am praying most of all that Douglas can produce and he will produce the most awesome every cats. Douglas is special to me because he my BabyDoll's first grandson, and he has alot of her qualities. I see her in his face, in his voice, and he loves to hang over my shoulder and be held, just like Grandma BD. I miss her.......................
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DOUGLAS's Picture Gallery

Savannah Queen:  ZENYA
Introducing Zenya. She is an F2 from Alexa and Mojo. Check out those ears and she is so so sweet and georgous. She will be a future queen. Added a few new pics to her gallery at 8 months old, but just couldn't take that main pic down of her as a baby as it is just too cute. She looks so much like her mom.
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ZENYA 's Picture Gallery

Savannah Queen:  BREA
Introducing Brea. She is an F4 from Baby Doll and Blaze. She is just too cute, plays fetch and is quite the little instigator. I am hoping for some wonderful F5s with her personality and body structure.
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BREA's Picture Gallery

Savannah Queen:  DIERDRA
Introducing Dierdra. She is an F4 from Baby Doll and Gregory. She is the spitting image of her mother. Also plays fetch, loves to talk, and is another trouble maker. She loves to get into everything and just loves everybody. She has no fear at all. Amazing how Baby Doll passes on her awesome personality to all of her offspring.
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DIERDRA's Picture Gallery

Savannah Queen:  DESSA
Dessa is an F3 and a very very special girl. She gives kisses and just loves her mommy, me!!! Dessa is from our Darma(F2) and Jayden. Darma is from our Alexa(F1) and Rafiki. I hope to take this line down some more as soon as Dessa gives me a girl. But her very first litter was all boys.
DESSA 's Picture Gallery
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