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THE DOMESTIC BENGAL derived its name form the species name of its wild ancestor, <i>Felis bengalensis</i>, an Asian leopard cat. The domestic Bengal cat is more than four generations removed from that wild species. Its appearance is similar to the Asian leopard cat, with its exotic spotted coat, yet has the domestic personality. The disposition of Bengals is comparable to that of many other domestic cat breeds. Typically, they are outgoing, curious, playful, and affectionate pets. They are know to love heights and water

INTRODUCING THE SERENGETI BREED. The serengeti was created to look like the African Serval, but is not a hybrid. Serengetis are a cross between a bengal and oriental shorthair. They bring to the savannah program the georgous spotting of the bengal and the huge ears and long legs of the Oriental. I was extremely lucky to have acquire Rafiki in my early years of breeding when I found that there were problems with fertility of fifth generation savannah males. Rafiki was my main stud for years and produced the most awesome savannahs. I have kept quite a few of his daughters. Since he has retired, I was lucky enough to find Jayden who just created his very first litter with Brea.

Bengal King:  BLAZE
BLAZE is a SBT BENGAL and is a very reddish golden bengal that carries for snow. He helps produce that georgous golden coats for our savannah program. He has fathered about six litters now and doing well. Blaze is now retired as i have created my own savannah males and no longer needed a bengal in my program.
BLAZE 's Picture Gallery

Bengal King:  RAFIKI
RAFIKI IS A SERENGETI that was our main stud for our Savannah program and he came from Kingsmark. He has more to bring to the Savannah program than I have seen from any Savannah males out there. Almost all our Savannah babies come from Rafiki and he produced excellent type and wonderful personallties. Rafiki is now retired, but I keep his pic because we have lots of his daughters that are doing excellent.
RAFIKI 's Picture Gallery

Bengal Queen:  SALINA
Introducing SALINA who is a registered SERENGETI from our Rafiki and Seda. WOW, she is awesome and has had two litters now from Greg and I am keeping a boy to raise him up as a breeding male. Salina is very very super sweet and loves to have me play with her and the babies.
SALINA 's Picture Gallery

Bengal King:  JAYDEN
Introducing JAYDEN who ia my second SERENGETI male who just at one year old created his first litter with Brea. He is a huge 18 lb male and am excited to see his babies. He is extremely sweet and always wants to cuddle up my neck.
JAYDEN 's Picture Gallery

Bengal Queen:  SEDA
SEDA is a SBT BENGAL. She is one of our most georgous bengal girls we have ever had. She has had a few litters and is the best mom ever.
SEDA 's Picture Gallery
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