Savannah cats, Florida

Here are some fun photos of our cats at play. All of our girls live in our home and are cuddled daily. They eat with us, sleep with us, and make our lives more fulfilling.

For a peak of our fun photos, scroll down.
Bengal and Savannah Cats at Play

Look, Mom is my new cat tree.

lots of F6 babies

Deidra (F4) Salino (F6) Layla (F2)

Deidra (F4) Salino (F6) Layla (F2)



Tafari (F2)

Tafari (Alexa x Blaze F2 son)

Sofie is our retired silver bengal

Sophie, our retired silver bengal

Greg (F5)

Simon (F5)

Theadore (F5)

Alexa F2s at 10 weeks old

Darma (Alexa daughter F2)


More Kea sons at 8 mon. old

Kea sons at 8 months old

Kea's sons at 8 wks old.

Razi & Tia waiting for treats

Razi (F3-SV) & Tia (F4-SV)

Tia (Baby Doll's F4 daughter)

Yes, Savannahs love heights

F4 sisters

F4 girls

Lea (Alexa's daughter)

Alexa's F2-SV babies

Alexa's F2-SV babies

Alexa's son grown up

Alexa's son

Alexa's F2-SV babies

Darius (Silver Bengal) and Ella (Alexa's F2 daughter)

Mewey (Alexa's F2 son)

Lexi and Kiri

F4 babies from Vanessa and Baby Doll

F4-SV babies from Vanessa

F2-SV Jet & Lea

F2-SV Jet and Lea
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